3Invest Limited, an emerging Real Estate Investment company focused on how to help the Nigeria’s Real Estate grow has launched a programme, 3Investor Loyalty Programme (Card), designed to help Real Estate investors and consumers save up to 50% of the transaction and professional fees. The loyalty programme was launched alongside a Real Estate Investment Network, RIEN, in Lagos last week at the Property Buyers Forum, PBF.

Currently, transaction fees (commission) paid by Real Estate Consumers on property investments hover between 10 and 5%. The 3Investor Loyalty Programme is designed to help consumers save an upward of 50% of this cost, Ruth Obih, Managing Director of 3Invest Limited told the audience at the PBF.

The 3Investor is a Loyalty Programme expected to be driven by REIN, a Real Estate Investment nexus that seeks to connect sponsors with investors who are willing to invest in income-producing Real Estate portfolios to expand their income margin.

REIN is expected to broker investments within the 3Investor circle by introducing projects considered investible to a network of investors who will pull funds together to execute projects under predefined arrangements and earn income on such projects on an agreed percentage to every member of the network who has invested in the project.

Obih in her presentation, explained that the REIN is expected to help sponsors raise more funds for Real Estate projects by building investors’ confidence and closing the gap between investors and developers; thereby ensuring that more activities are on-going in the Real Estate sector.

“As a company, we are committed to how the industry grows and activities that make for it growth. That is why we have created the REIN and the 3Investor as platforms that can help increase the number of activities in the industry. We believe when there are more activities, employment will be inevitable and where there is employment, then the Real Estate contribution to the GDP will increase”, she stated.

REIN is a subscription-base network that runs on the 3Investor platform of Standard and Premium subscribers. REIN differs from REIT – Real Estate Investment Trust in that it does not bank or hold the investors’ funds and it is not managed by a sponsor. It only maintains the network of these investors and introduces investible projects to it and manages the project through an Escrow account.

REIN is designed for every aspect of the Real Estate Market that contributes to development. Therefore, its members are developers who have agreed to the discounted terms of the network to drive their portfolio or make more sales, investors who have identified the imminent boom of the Nigerian Real Estate, legal practitioners, marketing firms, mortgage banks, and so on.

In addition, members of the 3Investor Loyalty Programme  have access to up to 30% discount on merchandise from subscribed outlets such as malls, airlines, haulage, Real Estate events and an up-to-date information on market conditions and new projects through a weekly news letter.